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Nicole Hodges Persley

Nicole Hodges Persley - Director

Warren Deckert, Technical Director/Designer -- Warren’s 45 years of theatre experience include being the Artistic/Technical Director for Great Bend Community Theatre, technical director/designer for the Bethel College Drama Department and union membership in I.A.T.S.E., Local 190, Wichita, KS. He has designed the lighting and/or sets for over 170 productions. Currently he is an assistant house manager for Kansas City Repertory Theatre, the resident technical director/designer for KC MeltingPot Theatre and technical director for Just Off Broadway Theatre. In Kansas City he has directed Bernice At Bay/The Butterfly Effect, Gidion’s Knot, and “Sue Aside...” (KC Fringe Festival), Waiting To Be Invited and The Taste Test (co-productions with KC MeltingPot).

Warren Deckert, Technical Director/Designer

Stage Manager

A Soft Escape is about an African-American couple, married for over forty years, at the end of their lives together. The play is made up of definitions of family; the generational connections to a specific neighborhood or community made up of the people who were committed to raising you. They nurtured, steered, disciplined, influenced and supported your existence by just being present and contributing their characters to the daily life of that community. This is a play about an African-American neighborhood that nobody talks about anymore.

Written by S.M. Shepard-Massat Directed by Nicole Hodges Persley Aug. 26 -  Sept. 10
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Closed June 27, 2015 View Cast | View Crew Closed Feb. 21, 2015 View Cast | View Crew Closed Sept. 26, 2015 View Cast | View Crew Closed Aug. 29, 2015 View Cast | View Crew Closed Jan. 31, 2015 View Cast | View Crew Closed Dec. 19 2015 View Cast | View Crew Closed April 16, 2016 View Cast | View Crew A Soft Escape

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A Soft Escape - Harvey Williams

Harvey Williams is the founder of KC MeltingPot Theatre. He has directed "The Frowning Vajayjays of Shady Pines", "White Sangria", "Echoes of Octavia", "On Shoulders Now", the 2013 production of "The Session" and the 2015 production of "Old School". Harvey is a member of the Screen Actors’ Guild and Actors’ Equity.

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White Sangria

Echoes of Octavia

On Shoulders Now

A Soft Escape

You may recognize  from: